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Connect Legacy Automation Systems

Integrating existing automation systems with new systems has never been easier!

Support All Devices

Support any device that you will find on integrated legacy field buses. You read that correctly. Any device. All native capabilities.
  • Complete Read, Write, Override, and Release transactions for any point limited only by the programming in the field device itself.
  • No other product has this degree of flexibility!
  • A complete, and extensible, catalog of S4 developed Device Templates is available for all known field devices.
  • Device Templates can be customized, or developed by, the integrator.
  • A support utility converts legacy system configuration files to custom Device Templates
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Co-existence with the legacy system can be for a transition period, or part of a long term strategy.
  • This is a key feature in cases where minimal (or zero!) down time is mandated.
  • No other product does this!
  • Co-existence can be for a transition period, or a long term strategy
  • Are completely transparent to the legacy supervisory (or global) controller and operator workstation.
  • Native transactions coming from the Supervisory Controller are prioritized and coordinated with transactions from the new head end system.
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Auto Discovery / Auto Configure

Minimize the man hours required to integrate your legacy system into open environments.
  • Facilitated by our robust library of Device Templates which predefine point mapping for each legacy field device and application
  • Minimize the man hours required to integrate your legacy system into open environments.
  • Limits interruption to normal operations of the legacy head end system to approximately 1-hour while the S4 Configure Wizard runs.
  • Then operations resume as normal for the building operator.
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Retain Administrative Tools

Use all of the power of existing legacy system administrative, programming, and commissioning utilities.
  • Including uploading and downloading devices.
  • The S4 Open Appliances and Obermeier Software Products provide a 'Passthrough' option for the configuration and commissioning utilities.
  • No other integration product has this capability!
  • An Interim solution is available today.
  • An Integrated solution will be available in the near future.
  • The S4 Passthrough support will be available from any Windows platform running our Management Console.
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Error Detection / Recovery

Automatically recover from I/O errors and reset and reinitialize legacy field devices when necessary.
  • Triggered by multiple failed retries of an operation.
  • Logs the number of times that this action is taken.
  • Network management and performance monitoring functions are built into the system.
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Full Disclosure

Publish all legacy device points to the new head end including internal points, physical points, and tuning parameters.
  • Even those that JCI doesn't normally expose to their operator workstation, such as tuning parameters.
  • The integrator has complete control of what points are published, and the associated attributes.
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Full Transparency

The integration works independently of any database, priority, or security facilities in the legacy head end.
  • Full read, write, override, and release capabilities are provided for each point- limited only by the programming in the N2 controller itself.
  • Emulation of the special features to provide a uniform experience for all legacy device families.
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Cost Effective Solution

Add value immediately at minimal cost and set the stage for migration to open system technologies.
  • In the short term, facilitate quickly adding value and extending the life of legacy systems.
  • In the longer term facilitates the migration away from legacy field devices.
  • Act as the gatekeeper for access to the legacy field bus. As such, it guarantees the legacy supervisory controller and the BACnet interface complete control of the bus for their time slot
  • When necessary, will act as bus master for the legacy field bus.
  • After all legacy supervisory controller functions and services are migrated to other global control platforms, decommissioning the legacy supervisory controller is as easy as powering it down and unplugging the cables.
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Virtualize Legacy Devices

Virtualizes each legacy device, and its points, onto the published open protocol facilitating immediate introduction of open standards based applications.
  • Legacy field devices look and act exactly like standard networks, devices, and points of the target open protocol after the integration is complete.
  • Enumerations for Boolean and Multistate values are supported and fully configurable
  • Engineering Units are supported.
  • Smart Data Points provide virtual points and scripting capabilities to transparently perform data transformations.
  • Services and features of the target open protocol not natively supported by the legacy field devices or protocol are emulated.
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The S4 product was easy enough for a guy like me to feel comfortable with after only a few short hours.
Drew Baryenbruch, Sales Manager, Real Time Automation, regarding the S4 Boot Camp

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