The S4 Group's Business Practices

One of the key strategies in the S4 business plan is to support all players in the Building Automation and Industrial Automation industries. The S4 Group, Inc. is vendor agnostic and will not enter into exclusive or anti-competitive relationships. We will actively seek out and establish strategic partnerships where the combined skills of both organizations are more beneficial to our customers than either organization could deliver on their own.

S4 understands that in order to be successful with these goals we need to very carefully manage proprietary and partner company confidential information using the same degree of diligence as if they were originated by S4. We understand that in order to work together effectively, vendors, suppliers, customers, and The S4 Group, Inc. will need to disclose proprietary or confidential information to each other. We respect the investments our partners have made in developing their businesses, products, and services and will carefully protect any proprietary or confidential information that needs to be disclosed to us in the process of conducting business. This is especially critical in maintaining our policies of being vendor agnostic and establishing non-exclusive relationships.

We applaud those vendors and suppliers who have the confidence in their products to support Internet and industry standards and will seek out relationships with those who support and lead the standards initiatives.