2012 Partner of the Year: Chipkin Automation Systems

The S4 Group, Inc. would like to recognize and congratulate Chipkin Automation Systems (CAS) on being named the 2012 S4 Partner of the Year.

Established in 2000, Chipkin Automation Systems is a specialist-engineering consultancy, providing services and products that focus on system integration, driver development, and protocol conversion.

Peter Chipkin has assembled a highly qualified team that collectively has many years of experience in a broad range of technologies and vertical markets. Their engineering and support personnel have spent time at customer sites performing integrations, commissioning installations, and providing project management services. They have made the investment to train their staff in the S4 Open technology and associated best practices, and in capturing the value offered by the S4 Open Appliances.

“The S4 Group, Inc is proud of the relationship which has developed with Chipkin Automation Systems. They have had multiple large sales successes, but more importantly, they are the poster child for demonstrating that our Partner Programs are very effective in assisting our partners in building a portion of their business around S4 technology,” said Steve Jones, Managing Partner of the S4 Group.

“Who wouldn’t be happy representing a line of products that were so well thought out to save time and money and improve accuracy? Our customers certainly are,” said Peter Chipkin, President of CAS.