A Primer on S4 Open Product Offerings

By now we hope you are aware of The S4 Group’s products and their capabilities, but you may not know the various configurations available. Ordering the S4 Open appliance that fits your needs is as easy as answering a few simple questions.

What protocol?

We currently offer BACnet-N2 and OPC-N2 gateway appliances.

How many devices?

The number of N2 devices determines the size of the router you will need. Choose from 16, 32, 64, 128, or 253.

How many Downstream interfaces?

Every S4 Open appliance comes with one downstream interface enabled by default. The Downstream Adapter provides an easy way to connect legacy Metasys® N2 buses to S4 Open appliances, without doing any wiring changes to either system. Simply disconnect the legacy bus from the controller, plug it into the S4 Open Appliance and rapidly begin the integration process. You may choose to enable one or two additional downstream ports, depending on your needs.

Do you need Upstream connectivity?

Upstream capability is available as an option on all S4 Open appliances, and comes with the full-size (256) router by default. Upstream connectivity provides an easy way to connect a legacy Metasys® supervisory controller to an S4 Open appliance. The installer simply disconnects the legacy bus from the supervisory controller, plugs the Upstream Cable into the supervisory controller, and continues on with the integration process.

System Bundles

S4 Open appliances are sold as system bundles, which means they come complete with power supply and all necessary cables and adapters.

All of the information above is represented in our product numbering system. If you understand our product numbers, ordering your S4 Open appliances is easy. Here is how the information comes together in our product numbers:

Product Number Explaination