April Boot Camp Report

During the first week in April, the S4 Group held an integration boot camp. Attending this camp were Mike Segal from Clima-Tech, an Automated Logic Corporation dealer, and Nate Wilson from Innovative Controls, a Reliable Controls dealer. Mike has a background working with Metasys® and Schneider Electric building automation systems. Nate has many years of experience with Reliable Controls equipment and has recently accepted the position of National Technical Trainer with Reliable Controls corporate.

Mike and Nate were able to work with their own software, in our lab environment, and learn how the S4 Open Products make the integration process work in a seamless manner. By practicing various cut over procedures in a controlled environment, they were able to gain a greater understanding of the process. During the boot camp, Mike stated that he liked using the S4 Open Products and “this is the perfect BACnet-N2 migration solution.”

Nate likes the overall structure of the products and said, “The S4 Group’s Integration Boot Camp provides an excellent way to learn about S4’s products, capabilities and advantages; it is truly the simplest way to open N2 installations to the world of BACnet.”

Both participants left with a broader knowledge of how to develop and implement a total integration strategy utilizing the unique features and capabilities of the S4 Open line of products.

If you would like more information about upcoming Integration Boot Camps, please email Stephanie at Stephanie@thes4group.net