August Boot Camp Updates

Another S4 Integration Boot Camp was held earlier this month and two of our Integration Partners were well represented. Mike Raila, a programmer, and Chris Escue , the service and control technical professional, attended from Amber Mechanical and Cody Sparks, a technical installer, came on behalf of Volunteer Mechanical in Tennessee.

During the first day the students easily grasped the concepts and design of the S4 Open Technology and were eager to get their hands working in the test lab. After setting up the system and performing the integration, Mike stated “I have worked on integrating BACnet devices that are a lot harder than the N2 devices"

The boot camp attendees become more comfortable with the process and the equipment, they came up with good questions about trouble shooting and the ongoing monitoring of the system. One of the advantages of sending students to training is to allow them to trouble shoot the installation to discover where the problem is. Chris summed up the value of the hands on training, “I walked into training and within the first day I was able to set up the process, under the direct supervision of the manufacturer. It allowed me to build trust in the product and want to use it. “

Cody came into the class wanting to learn how to program the device and left with that knowledge plus the experience of having completed an integration.

This was the last regularly scheduled Boot Camp of the year; however, S4 Partners will still have the option to schedule their own custom training sessions.

Be on the lookout for information on our S4 Partner Summit in 2018.