BACnet Evolution

One of the most powerful aspects of the BACnet protocol is that, at the heart of the protocol, it is defined as a series of extensible objects, properties, and services that can be transported between devices and systems using traditional networking technologies. This white paper on BACnet Secure Connect, authored by three BACnet luminaries and members of the SSPC 135 IT Working Group David Fisher, Bernhard Isler, and Michael Osborne, demonstrates exactly how powerful these core concepts of BACnet are.

The most common reasons for modifying the BACnet standard include supporting new building infrastructure components, supporting changes to IP networking technologies, adding new profiles for devices, incorporating clarifications into the standard, etc. BACnet Secure Connect was driven by the ever-increasing demands from building owners and operators to expose their building automation systems and networks to the Internet and, along with this new functionality, the requisite security capabilities necessary to bring BACnet in line with current IT policies and best practices.