BACnet-EnOcean Router Product Capabilities

The S4 Open: BACnet-EnOcean Router offers a simple and flexible solution for integrating EnOcean wireless devices into a BACnet environment. The BACnet-EnOcean Router, via direct serial connection or Ethernet serial servers, sits between EnOcean devices and BACnet-based systems. This allows EnOcean devices to send and receive data to and from a BACnet operator workstations, controllers, or applications.

Typical Applications include bringing data from the EnOcean network into BACnet-based enterprise applications, energy management applications, or adding best-of-breed BACnet-based head end systems, controllers, and HMIs from 3rd parties to new or existing EnOcean installations.

The BACnet-EnOcean Router is capable of automatically discovering all EnOcean devices on the Downstream EnOcean Network and publishing these devices, and their associated points, to the Upstream BACnet/IP interface. This facilitates installing and configuring an EnOcean-BACnet Router in a minimum amount of time.

Included with the appliance is the S4 Open: Management Console. This application provides the user interface for all S4 Open appliances. Appliance discovery, setup, commissioning, maintenance and management are performed from one convenient interface. Multiple copies of the S4 Open Console may be installed to manage your facility the way that works most effectively for your organization.

Key S4 Open: BACnet-EnOcean Router Features:

  • Delivered as a turnkey network applicance, hosted on an industrial PC.
  • EnOcean devices are automatically discovered and published to BACnet via the Management Console.
  • Supports BACnet discovery.
  • Every EnOcean point is fully accessible, supporting read, write, override and release operations as defined by the EnOcean device.
  • Easily upgradeable via protocol and application plug-ins for expanded functionality.
  • Compatible with EnOcean Ethernet serial servers and USB/Serial Radios.

All S4 Open appliances have been developed to run on Windows and are hosted on off-the-shelf industrial PCs. This allows us the flexibility to tailor our products to application-specific requirements. Detailed specifications, licensing options and pricing for the BACnet-EnOcean Router will be determined in the near future. Please contact The S4 Group directly for further information.