Boot Camp June 20-21, 2019

“What is this product?”

This quote sums up the starting point of the most recent S4 Boot Camp training which was held on June 20-21 at our offices in beautiful Ogden, Utah.

Attendees were evenly divided with two attendees having multiple years of experience with building automation and controls systems and two of them who were new to building automation. Attendees Bryson Warnick, with 12 years of industry experience, and Jeff Hanson, with 16 years provided the industry knowledge in the class.

New to the world of building automation, Terry Kees brought 25 years of IT and Security System experience in the Department of Defense to the session. Look for Terry’s article about BACnet SC in this newsletter. Max Kees is a fresh college graduate with a BS in Computer Science and has been working in website development.

The common theme was that none of the attendees had experience with the S4 Open Products. The challenge to the group was to learn everything they could about the S4 Open Products and practice in the lab to reach a comfort level that would make their future projects easy to complete and create more happy customers.

During the two days, the combination of experience and customer needs drove the attendees to learn the benefits of using the S4 Open products and the value of offering the building owner more building automation choices. While participating in the hands on exercises, the students were able to demonstrate the ability to set up, install, and configure the system in a minimum of time.

A special part of the boot camp was a presentation on S4 new product directions by our developer, Klaus Obermeier.
Bryson summed up the experience “I never knew it was possible to knock on the doors of buildings that have old legacy systems in them and offer a new choice to the owners. This makes sense to me.“ Adding to that Jeff stated, “I’ve known about S4 products for a long time but after this training I am enlightened about the possibilities that this product brings to the market. I can see lots of new business opportunities.”