Buildings NY - Great Networking in a Beautiful City

This month Steve represented The S4 Group as an attendee at the BuildingsNY Show at the Jacob Javits Center in New York City. This was the first time that S4 attended this show and we were not quite sure that the target audience was correct for us. After doing some research, we decided that there was enough potential to make the trip worthwhile.

It turns out that our intuition was correct. We met with a number of energy management, analytics, and BAS companies who have the potential to become great S4 partners. Some of them will be using our S4 Open: BACnet-N2 Router in its traditional role as an integration product to publish the legacy N2 devices as BACnet/IP devices, enabling the replacement of the supervisory controller and operator workstation with current technology. Fueled by incentive programs available for energy efficiency upgrades, there was even more interest in using the BACnet-N2 Router as an on-site agent for applying analytics applications to legacy buildings without disrupting operations of the existing system. We look forward to being able to share success stories from these relationships in the future.

Chanin Building

While in NYC I walked by the Chanin building One of our integrators is completing a BMS upgrade here using our technology. What a gem! It is wonderful to be a part of the reinvestment and preservation efforts to save and restore historically significant properties in our built environment. We hope to have a case study for this project in the near future.