Building Automation Systems - Energy Management Lecture Notes

A few weeks ago I was invited to be a guest speaker at Weber State University Davis Campus for Peter Van Der Have's Facilities Management class The topic was Building Automation Systems role in Energy Management. I created a PowerPoint to act as the outline for an interactive discussion with the class. I've updated the PowerPoint with comments from the class and several industry experts who I shared the draft with.

The final presentation is downloadable from The S4 Group web site here Please feel free to utilize this presentation for your own purposes but please make sure to credit us for its creation. I would like to make it a living document and would be happy to incorporate any comments and changes that our readers send. I can be reached at

The Weber State program is growing the future leaders for our industry. Take a look at the video on their web page and see if you agree. This needs to be used as a model for other training programs.