Bulk Renaming of BACnet Points

I successfully created a Device Type Template for a N2 device, but  on the BACnet side the name is longer than what we would like to be displayed. (The default naming convention is /)

I can go to each point in the Management Console and manually edit the optional BACnet name for each point but that is very labor intensive, is there another way to achieve this?

Yes, follow these steps to perform a bulk edit of the BACnet point names in the system.

Step 1: Export all BACnet point names.


Make sure you select the BACnet Point List option in the drop down.


Step 2: Edit the spreadsheet

The exported file will contain two identical columns. Do not modify the first column. That facilitates the import process.

Edit the point names in the 2nd column to reflect your new desired point names.


Protip: You can utilize the "/" separating the and to easily separate these fields into two spreadsheet columns. Then, to eliminate the portion of the point name simply delete that entire column.

Step 3: Import the modified spreadsheet.

The BACnet Names will be modified. You can make additional changes to individual points by editing the BACnet Name field in its properties page.