New utility provides streamlined process for large-scale Metasys© integration projects.

As most of you already know, S4 puts a lot of effort into building relationships with each of the BAS manufacturers, and their dealer or branch network, to make sure that our systems work well together and the delivery of support to mutual customers is seamless. Performing interoperability testing is part of that process. During our testing with Alerton® Envision for BACtalk™ it became evident that their BACnet® Client implementation took a different approach to discovering and mapping points for BACnet devices. Envision for BACtalk uses a model based on pre-defined templates for BACnet devices instead of a point level discovery process. In the design of the BACnet-N2 Router we chose to publish the points for all N2 devices as standard BACnet data objects under one large BACnet device. The two approaches did not mesh well and the end result was a potentially very large labor burden on the controls contractor.

The Envision Device Template Generation Wizard * bridges the gap between the two systems and streamlines the process of creating graphics for integration projects. Essentially, we utilized the best features of both Envision for BACtalk and the BACnet-N2 Router to minimize the labor burden on the controls integrator.

* The Envision Device Template Generation Wizard is an S4 product that has not been tested nor is endorsed by Alerton.