Custom Boot Camps

Our next Integration Boot Camp is just around the corner: June 19-20. So far we have been holding these trainings quarterly and have been pleased with the outcomes. We keep the classes small – only six spots are available per session – so that we can tailor each session to the needs of our attendees.

Because these sessions are kept small and are only held four times a year, we are pleased to announce that we are expanding our training offerings with custom Boot Camps for your company.

Whether your company is large or small, you can benefit from the custom training experience. Both sales and technical representatives are welcome to attend the same session. Maybe you have someone on your team who is experienced with S4 but want to get a few more members familiar with our products. Representatives from different branch offices can all get trained in S4 technology, and can go home as resources to their regions and to each other. There are many ways a custom S4 Boot Camp can benefit your team if you are looking to make integration projects a bigger part of your business.

For more information on our regularly scheduled Boot Camps, or if you’re interested in a custom session, please contact Stephanie.