EnFlux Simplifies C-PACE -Making Projects More Profitable

EnFlux offers mechanical contractors two uniquely different financing programs which provide customers 100% financing for sustainability projects.

  1. The C-PACE program is available in much of the US for 20+ year financing of $250,000 and above for planned efficiency projects as well as the cost of the “green elements” for new construction and redevelopment of properties. C-PACE has been used to fund over 2,000 projects in the US.
  2. EnFlux has partnered with Counterpointe Sustainable Real Estate, LLC to introduce C-PACE financing to its business partners and potential clients all over the US. Counterpointe is the lender and co-administrator of the Chicago PACEprogram.
  3. The EnFlux Finance program is available for quick retrofits starting as low as $20,000 for efficiency projects anywhere in the US. EnFlux Finance is ideal for emergency summer change-outs during the summer cooling season.

EnFlux has created an online process for project sales reps to introduce financing proposals in literally ~ 3 minutes. They can be downloaded to share your customer and can include your company logo. Learn more with these short videos for EnFlux Finance and C-PACE.

Larry Derrett, Founder and CEO Business Experience

• Sold to CFOs as an energy banker;
• Acted as a CFO both raising and overseeing the allocation of capital;
• Worked for Enron Energy Services managing a 9-person team who worked with originators to create customized financial pitches for C&I companies to use our financing, or, invest their own capital for energy efficiency projects; and
• Owned and ran HVAC Capital which as a start-up created contractual relationships with nationally based companies such as Linc (and its franchises), Comfort Systems, York International and KMC Controls. Trained hundreds of sales reps on the financial side of the sale in closing projects.