Good News – S4 Boot Camps are Back in Session

With a careful eye on the COVID-19 pandemic numbers, The S4 Group Inc will start holding Boot Camp training classes at their Utah headquarters during the month of July. In addition, we will begin to offer our training class at your location. Before we consider an offsite bootcamp location we will check with the local board of health statistics and make the final decision to travel to that location.

When the pandemic prohibited travel, the S4 group staff recorded the training modules and placed them on YouTube. Here is the full playlist. Several of our customers made use of the virtual training to update their experience with the S4 Open Products in the technical and marketing arenas.

If you are considering the journey to Utah or hosting the training at your office, please contact Steve Jones for curriculum information and costs.

The S4 Group staff looks forward to meeting you and sharing our product and marketing experiences with you.