Cost Effectively Update Legacy Building Automation Systems

Commercial Building Owners, REITs, Facility Managers, Building Engineers, Consulting Engineers, Architects and other building infrastructure designers and advisors you can improve your Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), Building Efficiency, and Building Safety without the expense of shutting down your facility, ripping out your legacy or proprietary Building Automation System (BAS), and replacing it with current technology.

Ask your BAS contractor, Master System Integrator, or Building Infrastructure Engineer to contact us to learn how to integrate into your legacy system using our S4 Open Appliances. This salvages the legacy field controllers and enables the introduction of current generation operator workstations, global controllers, and value added applications cost effectively and with minimal interruption to your business operations. This article shows the concept using The Smarter Stack.

Your legacy or proprietary BAS installations will eventually need to be replaced. The S4 Open Appliances give you a way of upgrading your building in the short term and then planning the replacements over time when it best fits your budget and operational plans. You really can have your cake and eat it too!