Inaugural S4 Sales Boot Camp

Mr. Jamie Fife from Chipkin Automation attended the S4 Sales and Marketing Boot Camp on October 17-18. Jamie is a marketing professional who works for Chipkin Automation, an S4 integration partner/distributor, in Toronto, Canada. Jamie will be expanding the BAS market by utilizing the S4 Open Products.

Jamie came to the Boot Camp to increase his understanding of the marketing strategies and left with the tools to excel at the task.  In fact Jamie remarked, “I highly recommend this boot camp to anyone who is looking to build the business through presenting solutions to the customer’s integration needs. I have gained a working knowledge of the S4 Open Products and have increased my comfort level in presenting them as a port of a solution sale.”

Prior to attending boot camp each attendee completes a short registration survey that allows the S4 Staff to identify training needs that will be addressed during the boot camp. Jamie felt "the information was tailored to my questions and priorities and gave me what I wanted to learn, without having to sit through a lot of canned presentations.”

For more information on future S4 sales and technical boot camps contact Brain Jones or call 801-621-1970.