It’s Official – Upstream is Back!

Last week, we celebrated a major milestone with release 1.50 Phase 2 of our BACnet-N2 Router. We completed the first onsite installation of 1.50P2, which brings back our Upstream capability.

The Upstream N2 Interface of the S4 Box allows for the coexistence of BACnet clients and the legacy Metasys® head end. This enables a smooth transition to BACnet and minimizes downtime and disruption of building occupants during the integration. The S4 Open integration products are the only ones on the market with this ability, and that’s something we are proud of. Our customers use the Upstream option in buildings such as hospitals, where downtime is a big deal. Upstream can also serve as a safety net for larger, more complex configurations, which is why we include this license by default on our “full size” 256 router.

This feature is important to us and our customers, and it was painful to lose during the transition to our current hardware platform, so we are very happy to announce its official return!