Key Benefits of the OPC-N2 Router

  • Ability to bring many N2 buses in a large complex building into one virtual N2 Network¬©. The S4 Open Appliance acts as the bus master for each Bus and allows independent adjustment of polling rates and other parameters.
  • Standard vendor tools are used to configure N2 devices on each N2 bus.
  • Automatically locates and identifies new devices, and their Process Points on the N2 bus.
  • All points on all N2 buses are displayable through the management console.
  • N2 interfaces can be extended over Ethernet - TCP/IP connections
  • N2 interfaces can be extended over wireless connections
  • Filtering and point mapping allow you to expose only a subset of the active points to upstream supervisory controllers (NCM, N30, FX, or Metasys Extended systems) through the Virtual N2 Network¬©.