Long Term Project Yields Testimonial

At the time of the luxury Four Season Hotel Miami Hotel Integration project, Gustavo Corvalan was employed by the hotel as the Engineering Manager. During the 2013 project he had the opportunity to work with South Florida Controls, a S4 Integrator Partner. He was very involved with the project that aimed to increase energy efficiency and maximize occupant comfort. As he states “I was involved in utilizing this technology to create proactive maintenance plans that established a comfortable environment for each guest. I was responsible for 70+ floors of space including a variety of spaces."

Gustavo added "We maintained a high level of customer satisfaction through having the opportunity to micromanage large events of 300+ people and their preference about temperature, as you can imagine nothing easy to do and practically impossible if you don’t have the system operating in real time, working smoothly and allowing us to make changes immediately.

In the Luxury Hospitality industry, the Engineering and maintenance department have only one option to be well recognized and ironically it happens when nobody speaks about them. “No news is good news” in this case and precisely because everything works without issues. Having a smart building telling you if something is wrong or potentially wrong, gives you the enough time to address the issue even before the guest notices it."

"I am in a good position to recommend an integration plan that includes the S4 Open Technology.
For sure it is a first party history and easy and natural for me to deliver the message.

As I have taken a new job with South Florida Controls and I will continue my relationship with the S4 group. My immediate plan is to take advantage of the virtual boot camp training and absorb as much information as possible!"

Gustavo Corvalan
Service Account Manager
13393 SW 131st Street
Miami, FL 33186
P: 786-293-3272
C: 786-483-0196
Website: http://sfc-mia.com