Looking forward to 2015

With the New Year quickly approaching, we’ll soon be resuming the development efforts for our Novar and Siemens integrations. In fact, test lab proof of concept demonstrations for both of these integrations were completed over a year ago. That gave us a solid understanding of the technical requirements needed to be as successful with these new products as we have been with the S4 Open: BACnet-N2 Router. The field buses for both of these next integrations are slower and contain fewer devices than the Metasys® N2 systems. That’s driving us towards smaller and more efficient hardware platforms right sized for each of the target environments. The code portability work that we did over the last year sets the stage for this migration. The Transparent Caching services and the COV services that we added to our BACnet protocol plug-in are critical facilities that will allow us to effectively handle the slow speeds inherent in the field bus technology of these new integrations.

We are excited to be adding these new products to our portfolio and look forward to the additional growth that they will bring to S4 and the success to our partners in the New Year.