Major Release 1.5 of the S4 Open: BACnet-N2 Router Now available for Shipment

Ogden, Utah July 2018- Steve Jones, Managing Partner of The S4 Group, Inc. is pleased to announce the Release 1.50 of the BACnet-N2 Router. This release includes 1.30 firmware, and release 1.40 bug fixes and additional enhancements, which improve system performance and security.

Several changes are part of the 1.50 Release. The most critical to our customers are the operating system is Windows CE 7 with a custom image created by the s4 team to improve security and performance and The Microsoft DCOM communications protocol was replaced with Web Sockets / JSON transactions. DCOM support from Microsoft has been phasing out so this keeps us current with technology. This change allows the management console to reach out over the Internet or customer intranet to connect to S4 Boxes. In addition, the Default COV Increment option which was deleted from the management console in a previous maintenance release is again available. The COV Increment for individual points may now be set from a BACnet client.

Other changes included in the system:
• Various bug fixes to improve the reliability of our COV subscription / notification engine.
• The S4 Transparent Caching service was previously available only for BACnet interfaces. It now supports all interfaces that we publish to
• Error messages and responsiveness of the S4 Open Management Console have been improved.
• The hardware watchdog of the Advantech UNO 2362G platform will be utilized to intercept firmware issues and automatically restart the system.
• Configurable levels of logging have been included in the firmware to expedite problem analysis and resolution.
• To gather more information about this release contact The S4 Group at 801-621-1970. Information is available on the eligibility to upgrade your current system or renew your current Software Assurance policy.

The S4 Group, Inc. Steven Jones founded the S4 Group after years of experience working for carriers, networking vendors, and system integration companies in both the government and commercial sectors. S4’s unique automation solutions enable new system architectures, compartmentalization of component upgrades, clean integration with existing BAS, as well as seamless was integration with IT & enterprise management systems.
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