Monitoring SNMP-Devices Made Easy

The SNMP-OPC Server component makes your existing HMI/SCADA system a fully enabled and economically priced network-management system. You can monitor your network devices easily as well as receive important Alarms (e.g. a disconnected network cable). This dramatically increases reliability of your process automation solution and therefore reduces its overall downtime.


  • The SNMP-OPC Server enables full monitoring and control of SNMP-enabled devices from any OPC-based HMI.
  • The SNMP-OPC Server provides the core technology for solutions that integrate SNMP manageable devices into OPC-based HMI systems like Iconics Genesis32 or the Johnson Controls, Inc. Metasys┬« M-Series Workstations
  • Brings the status of critical network components (hubs, switches, routers, etc.) into your Industrial Automation or HVAC application HMI to give you complete visibility to everything that could impact your ability to operate successfully.
  • Enables system operators to send commands to SNMP manageable devices like UPS systems via the HMI. Provides On-line / Off-line status for all TCP/IP based systems through ICMP / Ping monitoring capabilities.