Need some help with Metasys ?

One of the keys to a successful project is to have Metasys® expertise on the project team. Ideally, an employee who has experience working with the Metasys systems is assigned to the team. If that is not possible, the best solution is to have a Metasys consultant ready to jump in and supplement your own skill sets. The S4 group facilitates the use of a consultant by keeping a list of potential consultants for your use. Having this expertise available is an insurance policy that eliminates spending excessive time trying to validate proper Metasys® operation or solve a Metasys issue when the expert can identify and solve the problem quickly. Those of you who have experienced an S4 training program have heard “Investigate Before You Integrate” from us many times. “Investigate While You Integrate” is a logical extension of that. Validating that you are getting appropriate results from the legacy Metasys® system throughout the integration process leads to a successful project while controlling risks and costs. Another “best practice” around using a consultant on your first S4 integration job it allows you the opportunity to learn the basics of the Metasys® system so that you can apply these skills on future jobs.

Bring up the website partners page and and search for Metasys Consultants.

Are you knowledgeable working with Metasys systems?

With the number of S4 Open integrations growing, the demand for Metasys consultants has also increased. If you have worked with the system; particularly the configuration of the field devices and the supervisory controllers, you may consider becoming a consultant for our partners.

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