New Integration Partner - Northeast Energy Solutions

Northeast Energy Solutions Inc. is dedicated to providing energy saving services/products to commercial and industrial facilities. One of the many ways that they achieve these savings is through utilizing the building’s HVAC control systems to monitor and analyze building efficiency improvements. Where possible, these services and products are funded using state and utility company rebate programs.

The partnership with the S4 Group enables Northeast Energy Solutions to expand their capabilities and offer their energy savings services to building owners who have legacy Johnson Controls Metasys® BAS systems in their facilities. The S4 products provide a cost effective method of transparently monitoring data from the Johnson Metasys® system without having to replace any of the existing equipment. The Northeast Energy Solutions team has extensive Metasys® expertise which makes the S4 technology combined with their services a perfect match.

Customer satisfaction is measured by the customer’s reasons for believing in Northeast Energy Solutions ability to meet or exceed their expectations of price, service, and expertise.

For more information please contact Anthony Bento at