New S4 Group Web Site Launched

We’ve been intending to update The S4 Group web site for a long time and, as our business has grown, we simply have not had the time to do it. We finally decided that if it was going to get done we were going to have to hire someone to do the work for us. So, we hired our friends at Anzan Technologies to do the heavy lifting and get the job done.

The site is being upgraded in phases with the first step focusing on the home page and setting the stage for the future look and feel of the entire site. We went live with this last week. The goal is to make our partner’s experience much more focused and help them to get to the information they need as quickly as possible. The new site is responsive to the device you are using so it will support our partners at a job site looking for information on their handheld wireless device. As work continues we will redesign the product pages, add a shopping cart, and make it much easier to access case studies and product documentation.

We know that S4 is successful only if our partners are successful so the new home page features testimonials from them, and their customers. Clicking on the testimonial will immediately take you to the complete case study related to their project.

Take a look at the new site and let us know if how we are doing.