Overview of S4 Online Training Options

We previously published an article announcing the S4 Virtual Boot Camp on our YouTube channel. This channel was created in response to the need to cancel our scheduled in-person S4 Boot Camps due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

We have proven many times that there is no substitute for in-person hands on training, so our plans are to resume the in-person S4 Boot Camp program as soon as it is safe to travel and meet in person.

The main topics covered in the YouTube channel are:

  • The S4 Open: BACnet-N2 Router release 1.51 and
  • Introduction to BACnet.
  • SNMP OPC Gateway from Obermeier Software
  • People Of Prospect Interview with Steve

This index of published videos will help you easily find the training modules that you might like to view.

S4 Open: BACnet-N2 Router Release 1.51

This section presents training modules based on our Release 1.51 system that is currently our production environment. The organization of the modules follows the syllabus for our in-person S4 Boot Camp. Unfortunately, we are not able to provide the hands-on experience offered by the Boot Camp. However, we have provided a recording of a Live Demo session. Version 2.0 is in its final development and testing stages. Information for that version will be published as the new product is launched. Module 11 provides insights into what will be coming.

S4 Virtual Boot Camp - Value Proposition

S4 Virtual Boot Camp Module 1 - Technology and Architecture Overview

S4 Virtual Boot Camp Module 2 - Router Features

S4 Virtual Boot Camp Module 3A - Installation Planning

S4 Virtual Boot Camp Module 3B - Options and Ordering

S4 Virtual Boot Camp Module 4 - Best Practices and Risk Mitigation

S4 Virtual Boot Camp Module 5 - Integration Process

S4 Virtual Boot Camp Module 6 - Advanced Concepts

S4 Virtual Boot Camp Module 7 - Performance Tuning

S4 Virtual Boot Camp Module 8 - Management Monitoring and Troubleshooting

S4 Virtual Boot Camp Module 9 - S4 Marketing Program

S4 Virtual Boot Camp Module 10 - Top 10 Review

S4 Virtual Boot Camp Module 11 - New Products and Summary

S4 Virtual Boot Camp - S4 Virtual Live Demo

BACnet Basics

We frequently receive questions about the BACnet protocol and the ASHRAE standard itself. These modules are based on the BACnet 101 presentation that Steve presented at the NFM&T Baltimore trade show on behalf of BACnet International several years ago. That presentation has been adapted to present BACnet in the context of how it is being used in S4 Group products to normalize and publish data from legacy proprietary BAS installations.

BACnet - The Basics Module 1 - Introduction

BACnet - The Basics Module 2 - Business Case and Value Proposition

BACnet - The Basics Module 3 - Protocol Details

BACnet - The Basics Module 4 - BACnet International

BACnet - The Basics Module 5 - The Future

BACnet - The Basics Module 6 - Success with BACnet at The S4 Group

SNMP OPC Gateway

These modules provide an introduction to the Obermeier Software SNMP OPC Gateway products.

Obermeier Software SNMP OPC Gateway - SNMP OPC Server

Obermeier Software SNMP OPC Gateway - OPC SNMP Enterprise Agent