Humorous approach to customer service

Real Time Automation (RTA) is one of our S4 Distributors. During the past few months we have highlighted the RTA training and published articles by various members of their staff. Here is one we think you will enjoy, in case you missed this month’s Best Darn Newsletter..

By Drew Baryenbruch, RTA

Systems Integrators; Hollering Harry and Comatose Cal

I don’t know that there is another job in automation that could be as thrilling and also as terrifying as being a systems integrator. Systems Integrators are regularly tossed into unknown environments, under the direct scrutiny of the end customer and are asked to quickly make poorly documented systems and devices they are unfamiliar with work.

For a bit of added excitement they are often surrounded by high voltage power lines, caustic chemicals and mechanical devices that could dismember or squash a man without missing a beat. This physical peril alone would not be enough stress on the psyche so integrators are constantly reminded that the machines they work on are valued at many times their yearly earnings. Don’t break it!

Do you suppose that is all mentioned in the job posting?

Ready for the Thrill

It’s certainly not an occupation for everyone but the thrill and variety is an appeal to many. I couldn’t think of a job that would give you a broader scope of automation knowledge than integration. We deal often with integrators using our gateways and I thoroughly appreciate the job they do. The good ones are worth their weight in gold. Like most high stress jobs, the personality types that thrive are distinct. I’d classify most of the best integrators I know into two categories.

Cantankerous vs. Calm:

Hollering Harry would be the persona of the first group. These are boisterous integrators. The nervous energy and excitement of the job seems to fuel them. You can argue that promoting a healthy, inviting and encompassing work environment is a good idea. These guys do not resemble that, but you can’t argue with their results.

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