Phase 2 of the 1.5 Release is Shipping Now

We are pleased to announce that Phase 2 of the Release 1.50 BACnet-N2 Router has started shipping. This build returns support for our unique Upstream N2 Interface which enables co-existence between BACnet clients and the legacy Metasys supervisory controller. All new orders will be delivered with this technology. At the same time, we will start the process of upgrading all BACnet-N2 Router 1.40 installations to release 1.50.

Scripting dependencies have been removed from the standard release 1.50 templates delivered with the system. Scripting support will be released in the first maintenance release of the system.

The development process for Release 1.50 removed most of the OS-dependent and hardware-dependent code from our firmware. This enabled us to utilize a streamlined Windows CE 7 OS image, maximizing the amount of memory and CPU resources that are available to the S4 firmware. This results in a system that is at least as responsive as previous versions and can handle much larger and more complex system configurations.

The OPC-N2 Router release 1.50 will enter its Q/A test within the next week. All DCOM communications dependencies relating to communications with the S4 Box have been removed from the system and replaced with much more efficient and reliable web sockets sessions. OPC Server support will be provided as a local server established by the S4 Open Management Console.