Product Enhancement: BBMD Support

When it comes to improving our products, customer feedback is always at the heart of our development efforts. Our next release will include support for BBMD as well as a new concept that we are calling Smart Data Points.  BBMD is the standard BACnet service that allows IP broadcast based discovery transactions to span IP subnets. Since, in most cases, our BACnet-N2 Router is installed with a traditional global controller from the BAS manufacturer, it was not historically necessary for the BACnet-N2 Router to support this service. With the BAS industry evolving towards private or public cloud based services, the BBMD enhancement was added for a specific project, allowing the customer to pull data into a cloud based energy management system. This is the first example of our S4 Open Appliances used as an on-site agent for a cloud based service in addition to being used as a gateway to on-premises BACnet applications and services. Field-testing of this service will start within the next few weeks.