S4 Open Appliances Quick Start

Quick Start Guide

This guide will walk through the process of getting a new S4 Open Appliance installed and configured. Before beginning this process it is important that the N2 bus is verified to be within operational specifications, please refer to the User Manual and Installation Guide for more details.

  1. Install the S4 Open: Management Console on a Windows PC that will be able to connect to the S4 Open appliance over an Ethernet connection. Feel free to install the software on as many machines as necessary. (For users of the OPC-N2 Router: the S4 Open: Management Console must be installed and run at least once on the machine where the OPC based HMI is hosted.)

  2. Physically install the S4 Open appliance at the desired location, attach the included DIN mounts if installing on a DIN rail.

  3. Unattach the N2 Bus from the supervisory controller.

  4. Attach the downstream adapters, starting at Port 1, and connect the N2 Bus to the adapters. Plug the upstream cable into port 4 (if applicable) and connect the cable to the supervisory controller’s N2 port. Connect the appliance to the Ethernet. After all the relevant physical connections are made, plug the power supply into the appliance. Please note that the supervisory controller and the N2 Router cannot both be directly on the N2 Bus (see diagram).
    Correct and Incorrect Installation of S4 Open Appliances

  5. Launch the S4 Open: Management Console and wait for it to auto-detect the appliances. Right click on the device and select properties; on the Device Types tab verify that the appropriate device type templates are loaded on the S4 Open appliance. If any additional device type templates are needed, click the import button and select the appropriate templates from the template catalog.

  6. Depending on what protocols are to be published it may be necessary to adjust the relevant settings under the Protocols tab in the Properties section.

  7. The Configure Wizard may now be run. Right click on the device and select “Configure…” Once completed, it is possible to edit any device or point name, assign device templates to generic VND devices, delete irrelevant points that do not need to be published or create virtual points and devices. For further information on any of these tasks, refer to the User Manual and Installation Guide.

  8. Configure the replacement head-end / HMI for use with the S4 Open Appliance.

Important Note: Some BACnet clients take exclusive control of the BACnet IP port (usually 47808). In these cases you will not be able to use multiple BACnet clients on the same PC.
Important Note: The Test Read and Write functions of the S4 Open Management Console use raw network capabilities (not BACnet). The Live Point Monitoring functions of the S4 Open Management Console can be configured to use BACnet polling or COV services.