Receive Hands on Experience at S4

S4’s Integration Boot Camp provides hands-on training and the opportunity to understand integration best practices and implement them in our test lab. Owners, technicians, sales people, and technical managers all report leaving with an understanding of the S4 Open products that they couldn’t get by simply watching an online demo.

Dave at Bootcamp

Dave Hanson, Owner of Hanson Controls who attended a booth camp stated, “I’m really glad I made the trip to S4 to meet the group. I couldn’t have learned this much through a webinar.” Dave’s company has been in business for 14 years, specializing in the Delta Controls BAS offerings for several vertical markets, and he has seen the changes that have taken place in the controls industry during that time. He came to the boot camp with the desire to learn how our product connects BACnet systems with legacy Metasys® N2 devices and networks.

Stephanie and Ronnie at Bootcamp

Ronnie Shaffer and Shawn Lenz from Redi Services came to the office to prepare for an integration and learn the ins and outs of installing and configuring the S4 Open: BACnet-N2 Router. After leaving the S4 office, Ronnie was able to very quickly install and configure an integration into their Reliable Controls BAS. Redi Services is expanding their base of industrial service offerings through their 12 locations to include building automation and controls and related services.

Watch our news announcements for information on dates for upcoming Bootcamp training sessions at our headquarters in Ogden, UT or email Stephanie for more information.