Reflections On A Very Busy 2013

While our integration partners were all busy deploying new projects S4, and our development partner Obermeier Software, were both busy enhancing the S4 Open Appliances for our next round of growth. Throughout our history, each year has seen the S4 Open: BACnet-N2 Router and its companion product the S4 Open: OPC-N2 Router deployed in larger, and more complex, projects. This year was no exception. We started working on a series of enhancements in March for a release that will become available before the end of this year. Some of the new features were already in our product road map, others were driven by requirements from our Integration Partners.

Earlier articles went into the details of the new features. Related information can be found in this article 2013 S4 Open Appliance Enhancements as well as other articles on the S4 Web site. Here is a brief list to summarize what will be delivered in this release.

BBMD Support

  • Smart Data Points (Virtual points with JCBasic scripting support)
  • Support for MSI, MSO, and MSV BACnet Multistate data objects and associated enumerations
  • Enumerations for BACnet BI, BO, and BV Binary objects

  • Support for Read Property Multiple (ALL)

  • Engineering Units for BACnet AI, AO, and AV Analog objects

  • The ability to selectively publish points to BACnet

  • Enhancements to Device Type Templates to lock in the assignment of point instance numbers

  • Override / Release support for System-91 devices

  • Publishing to appropriate BACnet object types for System-91 points

  • And may additional enhancements

We relocated our offices to a larger facility a few months ago. The move was way overdue. This gives us the facilities to offer our Integration Boot Camp training series starting in January. The Boot Camp is based on the same concepts that our very successful web based live demo / training sessions. But, the Boot Camp provides the added benefit of hands on experience in our test lab. Seeing the integration process over the web was effective. But, experiencing it in person is so much more powerful. A large number of partners have signed up for Boot Camp. We offer both sales and technical sessions. Give us a call to sign up today.

We look forward to a 2014 that will be just as busy as this year and filled with new challenges and rewards. I hope that S4 products are a part of your plans for success in the coming year. I’d like to take this opportunity to wish all of our partners, and their customers, a Very Merry Christmas and a prosperous and Happy New Year!

Steve Jones