S4 Boot Camp 201: Beyond the Basics

The S4 Boot Camp Training classes have hosted a variety of students, most of which were new to our technology. The topics covered in our boot camps are customized depending on if the students are corporate management, sales and marketing, or integration engineers. Bill Spruit an engineer from Clima-tech in Portland Oregon was the participant who was prepared with challenging questions, goals for the two days, and a list of advanced features he wanted to practice and understand. The April boot camp evolved into a more advanced session than typical because Bill had installed The S4 Open products at multiple customer locations with integrations to Automated Logic WebCTRL. He gained in-depth experience on one of his installations as S4 and Automated Logic worked together to support the installation. After the installations were successfully completed he continued to monitor the performance of the system, and continued to learn more details about how and why the S4 solution simply works. The class modules took a new life as he came prepared with a variety of questions that involved ongoing monitoring and upgrading the system as time went on.

On the flip side of Bill asking questions, the S4 staff was able to learn from his perspective as a field engineer how to make the training process smoother. As a result we tweaked the order of our training presentation and added a few new slides to better set expectations for the student and gain a high level understanding of the S4 products to set the stage for delving into the details. We always appreciate feedback from students in our training class on the basics of the S4 technology and this time we had the opportunity to discuss the lessons learned in the real world with Bill. Bill stressed the importance of studying the network before you start the job. β€œ The time you spend up front in the evaluation of the project will save you time and money when the project begins, or Investigate before you Integrate is critical to the success of the project. β€œ

When asked about his Boot Camp experience he stated, β€œThe class created more clarity in the integration process and has given me the confidence to not worry about the integration, Thank you. β€œ

Thank you Bill for your participation in the S4 training.