S4 Boots – Where are you now?

During the past 8 years The S4 Group has been conducting Boot Camp training classes to introduce the details of our S4 Open Products and offer students the opportunity to have "hands on" experience with the integration technology. Upon completing the classes students report that they have new confidence in what the product can do as well as how to install, configure and trouble shoot the system. Now is a good time to check in with our former students on how well the training prepared them for real world success at their customer's location.

As part of our 2018 S4 Partner Audit process we are surveying all of our previous boot camp students to find out:

How effective was the S4 training?

When/how were you able to apply the training?

Have you changed jobs (either at the same company or a new one) and taken the training experience with you and shared it with others?

Have you trained other people at your site or other sites within the company?

Are you interested in attending our Partner Summit for training on the next generation of S4 products?

If you have attended a Boot Camp class be on the watch out for an email or send your answers/comments to Nancy at nsjones@thes4group.com. We'd love to hear about your success with our integration technology.