S4: Open Appliance 1.30 in Beta

Release Candidate Build 1.30 is currently in Beta test at several installations. Release 1.30 of the S4 Open: BACnet-N2 Router and S4 Open: OPC-N2 Router adds many significant feature enhancements, performance improvements, and bug fixes to the product itself and S4 Open: Management Console. We anticipate that this version will be available for all new product orders during August 2015. Existing customers with an active Software Assurance program subscription are eligible for an upgrade under that program. If your Software Assurance subscription is expired, request a quote for a re-subscription from your distributor or support contractor.

Current production release 1.19 was released in early 2014. Versions 1.20, 1.21, and 1.22 were major milestones in the development of 1.30, but were never released for production. Over the last year and a half, our newsletter, The Gateway, has covered the details of many of the enhancements included in 1.30. The release information document provides a summary of release features.

  • Live Point Monitoring in the S4 Open Management Console point detail pane
  • BACnet OID displayed in the S4 Open Management Console point detail pane
  • Black Box Recorder Diagnostic and Support Tool
  • Configuration Summary Tab
  • Enhanced System Performance Monitoring
  • BBMD and Foreign Device Registration Support
  • BACnet COV and Transparent Caching
  • Enhanced Boolean and Multistate Point Support with Engineering Units and State Text
  • BACnet Name Specified in Device Templates
  • Enhanced N2 Bus Communications for VMA Support
  • Configure Wizard Enhancement Creates Unique Device IDs for Virtual BACnet Devices

Please visit thes4group.com for more details, or refer to the documentation delivered with the system for in-depth descriptions of these features. This release prepares the S4 Open appliances for enterprise level, complex integrations with high point count and data rate requirements. It also prepares our S4 Open appliances for supporting several new integrations by implementing many of the concepts outlined in ANSI/ASHRAE Addendum al to ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 135-2012 Best Practices for Gateway Design.