S4 Open Appliances Availability

We received a call Tuesday morning from Advantech telling us that they were notified by AMD that manufacturing was ceasing immediately on the Geode 400 processor that Advantech uses in the UNO 2059E industrial PC that we host the S4 Open appliances on. Advantech, and their distributor, is working very closely with us to get this issue resolved with minimal impact to our customers and integration partners. We are taking a multi-pronged approach to solve the delivery problems.

  1. Advantech is searching their distributor network for any UNO 2059E systems in stock that could be pulled back and re-allocated to S4
  2. We are immediately taking delivery of existing 2059E stock to meet an immediate customer need.
  3. We are working closely with Advantech to determine the best fit system to move to for our larger N2 routers.
  4. Advantech is expediting their efforts to get the issues that our developers found with the TPC-30T resolved quickly so that we can move the smaller systems to this platform. This was the originally targeted platform for the smaller systems so this part of the plan should be straight forward.

The N2 Router software was designed to be modular and portable so this transition should happen very quickly. We'll keep you informed as we make progress resolving this issue.