S4 Open: BACnet-N2 Router 1.40 Transition

Last month, we began delivering Phase 1 of our 1.50 release to new installations that did not require our Upstream N2 interface for co-existence with the legacy JCI Metasys® supervisory controller. Those installations have reported good results. So, the next logical step was to start transitioning release 1.40 installations. Last week, we completed that process for the first customer. This installation had multiple N2 Routers installed and a significant volume of traffic from their BACnet head end, so we knew the 1.40 to 1.50 transition would get a good shakedown cruise. We encountered a few of the typical first installation issues and were able to respond to them quickly.

Release 1.50 is now doing well at that site. We are incorporating the few changes that had to be made into the code tree and are immediately ready to start rolling out 1.50 to replace all 1.40 installations. We have sent the upgrade procedure to the next round of installations to be upgraded. The ultimate goal is to transition all 1.40 installations to 1.50 and to depreciate release 1.40. We will be contacting all 1.40 installations to schedule the upgrade process. If you have a release 1.40 installation and do not hear from us within the next six weeks, please reach out to us to get on the schedule.