S4 Open Device Type Template Generator Released to Integrator Partners

The S4 Open Device Type Template Generator is now available on the Customer Support CD, which is shipped with every S4 Open: BACnet-N2 Router or S4 Open: OPC-N2 Router. By adding this utility to the support CD S4 continues empowering our Integrator Partners and Distributors to be self-sufficient in adding value during the integration process.

By providing Integration Partner access to the program:

  • Metasys® Resource Files can be converted to S4 Open Device Type Templates.
  • Points associated with single side loops in Metasys® ASCs will be included in Device Type Templates.
  • Point names in S4 Open Device Type Templates will exactly match those used in the legacy Metasys® implementation.
  • The point list included in the S4 Open Device Type Template will exactly match that programmed in the N2 device.
  • This utility supports converting the resource files for any N2 Open, VMA, or DX-9100 device whose configuration utility is capable of creating .prn or .dmo files.
  • The time to complete a Metasys® integration is potentially shortened by a full business day.

The built-in help system guides you through the conversion process. Individual Metasys® Resource files can be selected for conversion or all resource files in a selected Windows directory can be converted.

The utility can be installed on any currently supported Windows PC, workstation, or server. If an Internet connection is available from the installed location the utility will automatically check for available updates.

The S4 Integration Partner imports the resulting templates into the Device Types Catalog of each installed BACnet-N2 Router or OPC-N2 Router via the S4 Open Management Console.

Brian Jones, Product Manager is pleased to offer this feature, “S4 continues to innovate the integration process introducing yet another tool to decrease the labor investment required to complete successful integrations to legacy JCI Metasys® installations.”