S4 Participates in BACnet Working Groups

Representatives of The S4 Group traveled to San Antonio to participate in the BTL-WG and TI-WG sessions on June 21st and 22nd prior to the semi-annual ASHRAE meetings. The BTL-WG focuses on the activities of the BACnet Testing Labs, including assisting in the definition and development of test procedures, conventions for listing approved devices, approving policies, etc. The Testing and Integration Working Group complements the activities of the BTL-WG but also takes a broader look at industry needs and directions. Our focus there was, of course, in the areas of integration, gateway testing and listing, and general convergence of technologies.

In the past, we have been very active in the public review process of Addendum 135-2010al, a document that describes best practices for gateway implementations. Although it was not formally on the agenda for this meeting, we were very pleased to see that it is moving through the review process-- and will likely soon become formally adopted. As soon as the TI-WG finishes their work on this important addendum, it will be handed over to the BTL-WG, who will lead the way towards making test procedures and listing policies available. We expect to stay involved throughout this process.

This was our first time participating in a typical working group session. It was an enlightening experience to see all of the BACnet manufacturers working together, as well as the building consensus, while defining the direction for the BACnet standard. We will definitely be as active as possible in future meetings.