S4 to Attend BACnet PlugFest 2019

The S4 Group has been attending the BACnet PlugFest https://plugfest.squarespace.com/ for many years. This year it will again be held at the University of New Hampshire Interoperability Labs, September 10th through 12th.

This year, we will be breaking with tradition by testing with a pre-production version of our release 2.0 S4 appliance. This release is a completely redesigned system that is architected to support multiple new integrations. We will be testing the BACnet-ecobee Router. This product integrates into the ecobee cloud and publishes the data for each WiFi thermostat as a BACnet device. Next month we will have a more comprehensive description of release 2.0.

One of the biggest benefits of attending this event is the guidance that comes from other PlugFest participants that helps us to improve our product. Just as important as the couple of days spent testing are the long-term relationships that we have developed as participants. The focus on making BACnet, and BACnet products, successful continues long after the event is over.