Start Thinking About Software Assurance

In the past, we have written about our Software Assurance program so most of you know what it is. If you want the formal details, the product brochure is available from the S4 Group web site here. Every S4 Open Appliance sold comes with a free one-year subscription to the Software Assurance program. This provides all of the training and support needed to guarantee a successful integration, and a product warranty that provides our integration partners, and their building owner or operator customers, with a guarantee that the product will not become obsolete within the first year after their purchase. This is part of the S4 commitment to providing a quality product.

What happens after the first year? Here at S4 we continue to invest in innovating, adding new features and functionality, and improving the performance of our products. Subscribing to additional years of Software Assurance allows you to tap into this ongoing R&D investment and ensure that your building owner and operator customers continue to get the best return on their investment, year after year.

With the latest release of the BACnet-N2 Router, our products have reached a level of maturity where we believe that most integration requirements will be met and that the volume of major enhancement requests will be dropping off dramatically. Prior to this, we have been quietly extending the Software Assurance coverage for all of the systems that we have sold. Starting this month, we will be formally tracking the expiration date of Software Assurance Subscriptions and reminding you when you need to consider renewing.

The ideal scenario: If you have an ongoing service and support contract with your customer, purchase Software Assurance coverage for the number of years that you plan to have the S4 Open Appliance in operation as part of a planned migration strategy. Subscribing to additional years of Software Assurance upfront and as part of your overall customer solution will give you and your customers access to updates and support, and the peace of mind that comes with it. You will see a new option on our quotes to purchase additional years of Software Assurance.

There are several other related initiatives going on within S4 that you will be hearing about in the near future. These initiatives are a reflection of the maturation of our S4 Open products as well as the evolution of S4 as a company. Our Integration Partners and Distributors should be receiving a Quality Assurance Survey to make sure that we are meeting our quality goals, and to give you the opportunity to give us any related feedback. We are also doing an audit of our Integrator Partner and Distributor relationships to make sure that all of our partners are in compliance with their respective agreements.