Stepping Closer to Launch - BACnet-EnOcean Gateway

The S4 Group, Inc. continues to develop gateways to open environments, allowing building automation customers to bring proprietary systems into BACnet or OPC. The newest product is the S4 Open: BACnet to EnOcean router. This product consists of two major components: The BACnet-EnOcean Router and EnOcean Access Points. This piece of technology enables the zones of EnOcean wireless automation to participate in BACnet Enterprise Solutions. The features of the S4 Open: BACnet-EnOcean Gateway makes it the most capable solution for EnOcean wireless zones to become part of open system domains.

The features of The S4 Open: BACnet-EnOcean Router are similar to the core S4 Open products in that they are built on an S4 Open Appliance framework and delivered as a turnkey network appliance hosted on an industrial PC. However it differs significantly in that instead of integrating legacy systems this is a leading edge application that will encompass both retrofit and upgrade as well as new construction projects. EnOcean access points are installed within each zone of automation and EnOcean devices are dynamically discovered and published to BACnet. The s4 Open Router is easily upgradeable via protocol and application plug-ins for expanded functionality.

The S4 Open appliance core was enhanced with the development of the access point. This low cost device is able to learn about all of the EnOcean devices in a zone without having to go through the EnOcean teach/learn process. This results in saving the customer huge amounts of labor costs and adds to the practicality of the S4 Open: BACnet-EnOcean Router.