Steve Jones Panelist at 2014 AHR Expo

Steve Jones invited to speak at AHR Expo New York City

Steve Jones, Managing Partner of the S4 Group, will be traveling to the AHR Expo in New York City next week. The AHR expo is the largest HVAC expo in North America. Attendees come to gather information about the latest industry trends as well as to make purchasing decisions for their company. It is an exciting meeting and allows industry professionals to explore the latest creative solutions to their customer’s challenges. Information about AHR expo can be found at

Steve has been invited to be a panelist in the Connection Communities Collaboration session on Wed Jan 22 at 1:30. Automated Buildings is hosting the event and it promises to be informative and fast paced. Ken Sinclair, panel moderator, sets the stage for the meeting: “This meeting is designed to be fast moving and expects the attendees to have a basic understanding of the evolving connection communities' needs. We have limited our leaders' thoughts to five minutes, after which I will as moderator ask a few questions for clarity and then request input from our panel of thought leaders. Then on to the next thought leader's five minute presentation.  It will be a rapid moving meeting that will showcase today's thoughts and quickly identify the work and resources of the various connection communities.” For additional details visit

Steve believes that the focus of some connection communities needs to migrate from a specific technology or manufacturer to a solutions-based view- one that embraces multiple technologies and manufacturers. This means better coordination and cooperation between manufacturers as well as increased reliance on the integrator community to deliver solutions that best meet the building owner’s needs. As rapidly as our world is changing there is not one organization that can meet every need at all times.

Going to AHR? If you want to meet up with Steve during the conference, email him at or call him at 414-828-0166