Steve Jones's Interview with People of Prospect

Steve was recently featured on a People of Prospect segment hosted by Prospect Silicon Valley (Prospect SV). Prospect Silicon Valley takes an ecosystem approach to innovative technology, building community amongst corporate, startup, government and academic partners that together help bring new ideas forward. Their work brings market insight, development resources, and connection to partners and funders in areas such as mobility, buildings, and energy.

“People of Prospect,” is a ProspectSV hosted webinar series dedicated to highlighting individuals in ProspectSV’s ecosystem, especially t their industry knowledge as well as who they are as people. In this segment Doug Davenport, Executive Director and Founder, and Steve explore the following questions:

  • What is the potential of smart building technology?
  • What are some barriers to smart building projects?
  • What is Steve’s problem-solving approach?

We covered a lot of ground in approximately 30 minutes during this fast-paced, rapid fire discussion. Steve was aware of the broad topics to be discussed but did not know the specific questions before the session. Watch the full video here:

Steve stated: It was an honor to be invited to participate as an industry expert and I had a lot of fun doing this segment. I wasn’t sure how well it went until I started getting comments from the attendees and I had a chance to view the video after the event. I think I passed the test! Send us your thoughts.