The S4 Group Onsite Services Offering

The focus at The S4 Group has historically been on being a technology provider and continually evolving and improving our technology to be the best in the industry. With the continued growth in the number of projects, their size, and their complexity that our partners are taking on, the time is right for us to introduce expanded Onsite Services. These services will be delivered either through an agreement with Centaurus Prime, delivered directly by S4, or delivered by another S4 partner, depending on the requested services.

Our goal is for these services is to enhance and augment the capabilities of our partner network. Therefore, they will be offered through our partners when they need our participation to deliver top quality services to building owners and operators.

Services include:

• Integration project evaluation and engineering
• Site visits and inventories
• Pre-integration system and bus investigation and validation
• Legacy system migration planning and risk assessments
• Installation and configuration of the S4 Box
• Support for installation of BACnet clients
• Support for installation of OPC clients
• End-to-end system performance tuning
• On-site training (minimum of 6 students)
Send us your project requirements and we will provide a daily rate quote for services. Travel time will be billable. Associated expenses will be billed at actual cost.