The S4 Value Proposition

I’ve been writing about our S4 technology for many years so I’m sure that all of our regular readers understand what our S4 Open: BACnet-N2 Router is and how to apply it to transition legacy BAS installations to modern technology, or transparently collect data from legacy BAS systems. One of the topics that typically comes up during discussions with new partners is a discussion about how to leverage the expertise you developed during your first project. I’m going to share the essence of that discussion in this article.

The obvious answer is that you will of course use the expertise you developed on your next BAS transition project. The problem is that if you sit by idly it may be years before that next opportunity falls into your lap! Instead, employ the value proposition of the S4 Open: BACnet-N2 Router as a very powerful marketing tool reinforced by using your previous projects as success stories to document what you can deliver.

Go knock on doors of buildings that you have avoided in the past because you thought there was no chance of convincing the building owner / operator that they can afford to upgrade their BAS infrastructure. Demonstrate to them that in the short term they can cost effectively realize great improvements in operational efficiency and energy cost savings by using the S4 appliance as enabling technology to introduce modern global control algorithms to their facility, improve visualization of building process, and improve occupant comfort and productivity.
and productivity.

Once you are in the door, you can start a frank discussion with the building owner / operator about your desire for a long-term partnership. Be honest with them and your will gain their respect. There is no way that field devices that have been operational for 20+ years are going to survive for another 20+ years. So, lay out a plan indicating how you will minimize the risk of keeping their building operational until the time is right to replace these legacy devices. Propose two plans. The first identifies when the planned replacement of the legacy field devices will happen. If this can be coordinated with building renovation plans, the cost for controls and mechanical system upgrades can be minimized. In parallel to this, lay out a plan for how you jointly will respond when some of those legacy field devices fail before their scheduled replacement.

We can assist you in developing the presentation skills to demonstrate this value proposition to potential building owners / operators and open opportunities that you didn’t realize were right there in your back yard. Contact us to schedule a discussion of how we might work together to develop new business for both of us. There are many buildings that need your services and products. You just need to knock on the door and close the deal!