Upgrade Path for 1.30 Installations

Our 1.30 release of our BACnet-N2 router has been a workhorse. It has been installed and running at sites worldwide for several years now. 1.30 marks the last commercial release of our product hosted on the Advantech UNO 2059GL. We have since moved to the UNO2362 hardware platform. In making the hardware change, we closed the code doors on 1.30 and previous releases, but we don’t want to close any doors on our customers. Customers with 1.30 installations will be able to upgrade to 1.50 with special pricing on the hardware and software. We will work with you to make the swap as seamless as possible, doing what we can for you here at S4 before the replacements head your way.

Customers with active Software Assurance agreements will qualify for even steeper discounts.

If you have an existing 1.30 installation and are interested in upgrading to 1.50, please contact stephanie@thes4group.com for more information.

If you have a 1.40 installation, you are highly encouraged to upgrade to 1.50. This does not require a hardware change, and we will send you the update package free of charge.