Welcome Retro-Commissioning Professionals

The S4 Group’s marketing program has expanded to locate and educate retro-commissioning agents, consulting engineers, architects, design-build contractors, and others who might have the need to access data locked inside of legacy BAS systems to assess the performance of a building. We’ve seen a great response from this community and would like to welcome each of you to our family of partners. Our S4 Open Appliances integrate into these proprietary systems and publish what we find to BACnet IP so that you can use modern tools to evaluate the building using current generation BACnet based analytics and energy management applications.

The S4 Open: BACnet-N2 Router is unique in that it enables the legacy head end system to co-exist with the BACnet analytics and energy management applications. The BACnet-N2 Router is completely transparent to the legacy system head end so as far as it is concerned it is business as usual.

Once you use these advanced analytics and energy management applications to assess the state of the building you can recommend the most cost effective path forward for the building owner. This could include making repairs to systems that have failed, adjusting setpoints and parameters to tune and optimize performance, or replacing systems that are past their useful life. The S4 Open appliances usefulness then continues as it provides the technology for implementing a long term transition to current open BACnet technology. The bottom line you are making recommendations based on facts that define the most energy efficiency balanced with the best ROI for the recommended changes.

Again, we welcome this new group of professionals to our family of partners and look forward to working with you in the future.